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Bun in the Oven!

It’s official, I’m pregnant! Rob and I couldn’t be happier and to celebrate this journey I decided to start up a new baby blog.

Click here to visit my new site!


Vacation Excitement…

I started typing ‘Holiday Excitement’ as the title to this post but then realised the kind of holiday I am referring to means something different over here!  Rob and I are leaving for Mexico this weekend which is our UK ‘holiday’ but US ‘vacation’!  🙂 In 2 days time we’ll be relaxing here:

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving last week.  We’ve been in New York now for 3.5 years so this was our 4th thanksgiving and it’s my favourite holiday.  We don’t actually celebrate thanksgiving in the UK so we’ve adopted this holiday since moving across here and I love it.

I’m thankful for spending time with fabulous friends..

There are 2 things in this photo that concern me:  the guy on the far left aka Roddy holding the sharp and pointy knife and the guy next to him, aka Tom, holding something a little less sharp and pointy!  As you may also tell from this photo a few glasses of wine was had by all…..

Including myself!

I’m also thankful for cooking and eating lots of amazing foods.

(I forgot to buy some twine which is why the turkey is unfortunately a little exposed!)

We managed to squeeze 9 people in!

Pecan Pie(s) and Apple Crumble - my fav!


Fabulous chocolate cake!

..and I’m thankful that Iain doesn’t have a recording contract! 😀

So much fun was had by all…

The perfect thanksgiving holiday…. now onto hopefully the perfect vacation!!

I know it’s a week since thanksgiving… but a week is better late than never! 😉


The Present is a Gift!

I went to yoga last night with my friend Margie.  She’s one of my oldest friends, we’ve known each other for nearly 19 years!

Margie hadn’t done yoga for a while so we decided to do a basics class rather than throw her straight into a level 2/3 class and I’m so glad we did!!

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics just to remind yourself about the postures and taking the time to do it properly.  I find sometimes in a higher level class that because it flows so quickly I don’t really pay much attention to how my body is positioned in the postures.

Also, the teacher was amazing which is the reason for me writing today.  In the class she was talking about a book she saw at an airport which was written by Deepak Chopra.  I love anything by Deepak Chopra!  This particular book was called ‘The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life’!

According to Deepak, there are 15 secrets to unlocking these hidden dimensions.  She didn’t go into all of them but she talked about a couple and there was one in particular that stuck out in my mind.  In today’s society everything is so goal driven, the focus is more about what you achieve at the end rather than the journey that gets you there.  She went on to talk about how life is an experiment; we are experimenting with our lives and where we want to take them and what we want to do.  This message really resonated with me!  All too often I find myself thinking about what I want to do with my life, I think it’s human nature to worry and think about the future but in doing so we forget about the present.  As Deepak Chopra once said in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. “The future is a mystery.  And this moment is a gift.  That’s why this moment is called the present.”  The present is a gift!  Take this time to think about what you are experimenting with today.

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Remember, remember the 5th of November…

….gunpowder, treason and plot.  I see no reason why gunpowder, treason should ever be forgot….

I actually almost forgot!!! The evening of the 5th of November to us English folk means  bonfire night or as it’s more formally known as ‘Guy Fawkes Night’.  Guy Fawkes’ plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament was foiled and so every year we celebrate this by making a scarecrow type figure which represents Guy Fawkes, putting him on top of a huge fire and setting him alight. Like so….


Ironically, although we celebrate the foiled attempt of Guy Fawkes anti-social behaviour, there is talk in the UK that they are attempting to ban this celebration because of the bad and criminal behaviour of some of the youngsters!!!

Anyhoo, this day makes me think of home and I wanted to share it with you all.


Trying Out New Recipes…

This week we have been trying new recipes.  We did a huge shop in Wholefoods on Sunday, cost us a small fortune so thank goodness we don’t shop there together every week!  It’s when we go shopping together we seem to spend a fortune.  Wholefoods has such amazing food we just get carried away.

For dinner on Monday night I made some pan seared scallops with a cayenne pepper crust.  I literally seared them for a couple of minutes on each side until they turned a light brown colour.  Before I put them in the pan I put them in some milk, dusted them with some flour and sprinkled some cayenne pepper.  To go with the scallops I made some crunchy kale and mashed potato.  Delicious!!

On Tuesday night it was Robbie’s turn to make dinner using the Tilapia fish we’d picked up on sale in Wholefoods.  He baked the fish in the oven with some garlic, lemon, olive oil, onions, red pepper and herbs and served it with some quinoa and spinach salad!  Another fabulous meal.


My camera battery died just as we were taking the photo so this was taken with Robbie’s iPhone.

Last night I made a tomato, sausage and spaghetti dish.  I don’t like sausage so this was made just for Rob and I had a black bean burger! Yum!!

food 013

Tinker also wanted to get in on the action!

food 013

It’s nearly the weekend!! 🙂


Honesty Heals!

I was watching Ugly Betty yesterday (yes another guilty pleasure) and I felt inspired when watching one of the scenes.  The characters were talking about being honest with yourself as honesty heals and it really got me thinking.

Are you honest with yourself and others?

I try to be honest with myself as much as possible.  Sometimes it can be harder to be honest with yourself but in the long run it really does heal you.  I also try to be as honest as I can with people by choosing my words carefully.  I believe you can still be truthful without coming across as nasty or harsh.

Being honest with yourself is where it should all begin.  If you can’t be honest with yourself and your feelings how can you be honest with everyone else.  Can you truly be happy if you are not honest with yourself?

I found this all very thought provoking and wanted to share it with you guys.

Hope you’re having a good Tuesday.


Depression link to processed food!

Morning… Can you believe it’s November already!?  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  Rob and I had fun getting dressed up.  We met up with some friends and went to a party for charity.

Robbie was an amazing Charlie Chaplin…


and I was a circus ring master!

food 041

food 062 food 061

food 063 food 052

This morning I wanted to share an interesting article with you.  One of the main recommendations I give to clients when they make the decision to start eating healthier is to completely cut out any processed, chemicalized, artificial junk food… and here are more reasons why it’s a good idea to remove these from your diet.

Depression link to processed food!

I started the day today with a delicious bowl of oats.  I’ve managed to catch a bit of a cold so wanted to dose up on vitamin C so I added a huge handful of blueberries to my bowl as well as the usual half banana, flaxseeds, Agave and almond butter.  I recently tried adding a bit of yogurt to my oats at the end and it was DELICIOUS!! I thought it would have tasted gross but was pleasantly surprised!

Enjoy the rest of your day.