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Wine, cheese & gossip!

Last night was fab, my friend Cat came round and we had lots of catching up to do over a bottle of red wine and some cheese! Pictured here is some Brie, a small piece of Manchego and a smoked Brie.

Food 001

We each had a taste of the smoked Brie which had been brought all the way from Ireland by Robs Aunt but we weren’t too sure about it. I’m not too keen on smoked food but it was interesting to taste. The Manchego didn’t really get touched either it was mostly the warm gooey Brie that got eaten. To go with the cheese I bought a bottle of Bordeaux as recommended by Ryan in our fabulous wine store, Pasanella.

Food 003

which my neighbour Cat discovered appeared recently on Law & Order!! We also had some homemade guacamole with some tortilla chips. It didn’t seem like a lot of food but I certainly felt full by the end of the night. Climbed into bed at 11.30pm pretty tired and fell asleep straight away. One more sleep till Rob gets home from his conference :) yay!


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