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Happy Mothers Day

Last night was so much fun, my friend Jordan was organising a Murder Mystery night.. we were told to arrive at 8pm in full costume. We each had instructions on how we were supposed to act, what we knew and who we were supposed to speak to, I was Tanya Tease the deceased’s personal assistant and Rob was Michael Rochester the nephew of the deceased. Everyone dressed up for the occasion and it was a great success. Jordan had made some light food for us to all enjoy. I, of course, forgot to get my camera out to photograph the food but I had the following:

3 chicken dumplings
1 shrimp & vegetable wrap
1 chicken skewer

and for dessert I had 2 ginger cookies. I also enjoyed a couple of glasses of white wine and a vodka tonic 🙂

We had a nice lie-in this morning and both dosed till about 9.30. For breakfast I made us both a straw-blueberry smoothie and I had a poached egg on toast…

Food 002

I made Rob a fry-up, not the most healthy of things but the only thing I fried was the sausage… I poached his eggs along with my one.

Plans for today are…

We are dog sitting for a friend for a few hours which I’m sure Tinker is not going to like one bit but we’ll take Otto out for a nice walk somewhere and make the most of this gorgeous sunshine! finally! I’m also going to get out and go for a run a little later, my knee is hurting from the shredding I did yesterday so we’ll see how that holds up.

Happy Mothers day to all those mums out there… it was Mothers Day in the UK back in March so I’ve already celebrated the day with my mum but why not do it twice. Happy Mothers day Mum.

Enjoy the sunshine Happy Emoticon


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