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Sitting & Waiting

So much for the dark curtains and no noise equaling great sleep! I didn’t sleep too well last night for some reason, it took me a while to drop off and then I felt like I slept really lightly. I put it down to the glass of wine I had in the evening and maybe even the chocolate?! Tinker started crying at our bedroom door around 6am which woke me up but at least I’m not working today so can have a lazy morning. 🙂

For breakfast I made Rob and I some oats. I wanted to try something slightly different this morning so I chopped up an apple and heated it up in the saucepan before putting any other ingredients in, then I added a little vanilla soy milk, followed by a cup of oats, cup of water, sliced banana and a little cinnamon.

The toppings were almond flakes, maple syrup and peanut butter..

Food 002

and a cup of PG Tips..


all the way from England. The end result….

Food 001

I’m going to be doing a lot of sitting around and waiting today. We have someone coming to clean our air conditioners ready for the summer and I’m waiting for the delivery of our stools for our kitchen counter. I have a spin class at 12.30pm so hopefully no-one comes whilst I’m out!

Tinker is looking at me, hopeful that I will play with her so i’d better sign off.

See you all for a late lunch.


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