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My New Favourite Place

So for lunch I decided to try the vegetarian place, it’s called Maoz Vegetarian. I wasn’t quite sure when I got in there what to have or what to do for that matter.  So the guy behind the counter suggested a few things. I went for the Maoz sandwich which is falafel and some extra hummus in a wholewheat pita.

They have this great salad bar, so what you do is when they give you your sandwich you can add items to it, I went for:

  • 2 slices of gherkin (pickles to the non-brits)
  • a few beets
  • some of the cucumber & tomato salad
  • lots of broccoli
  • coleslaw

Food 001

The falafels and hummus were hidden at the bottom of the sandwich:

Food 003

This was deeeeeeeeelicious! So full of flavor, so good for you AND only $6.  I was immediately obsessed with the broccoli.  I’ll have to ask them how they cook it the next time I go in there…  and I will DEFINITELY be going there again!drooling

I’ve been sucking on a few Tic Tacs since I ate… there was definitely some garlic in the lunch somewhere so I needed the minty tic tac freshness!

Back to work



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