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What A Fabulous Evening!

I started to write this last night but was so tired I didn’t finish… so here it is..

This afternoon I ended up doing an hour of Heart Opening Flow #1 as always I absolutely loved the session but I really don’t enjoy doing the chair pose (Utkatasana).. Oh my this is so tough.. but it’s true what they say just breath through it and it becomes easier.

After that I got ready for my date and met him outside the apartment at 6.15pm.  We started to walk along South Street which is just round the corner from us, at this point I thought he was going to walk into the wine shop and we were going to do wine tasting but nope we walked straight past. Then we headed over to where the boats are and so I thought we were going on a cruise… but wrong again.. then we went to the taxi ferry port and he told me we were taking a ferry across to Brooklyn, ok.. the ferry took us across to where Ikea is in Brooklyn and there was me dressed up in heels tottering around the Ikea car park!  He’d actually misunderstood how far the restaurant was from the ferry port.. so now I knew he was taking me for dinner somewhere. Thank goodness for his Iphone or we would have probably been stranded there.  He managed to find out where the restaurant was and we jumped in a taxi which took us straight there.  It was a fabulous little Mexican called Alma with an amazing view of Manhattan:

Food 007

I enjoyed a couple of Margaritas with some tortilla’s, salsa and gucamole to start:

Food 012

Food 014

mmmmmmmmm look at that yummy guacamole!

My gorgeous, sweet and thoughtful husband:

Food 009

We were even lucky enough to see a sunset!

Food 008

Yes this was the view from where we were sat in the restaurant!!

I probably ate about half of the chips and for my entree I had some steamed mussels.  They were huge!

Food 017

I know not very Mexican but delicious all the same.  Rob went for a stuffed pepper and of course I had to try, I had two bites of this:

Food 018

There is a green pepper under there somewhere 😉

After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood and found the subway to take the train back to Manhattan.  We said the next time we go it would be great to walk all the way back and over the Brooklyn bridge.. I definitely wasn’t walking that distance in heels… these shoes weren’t made for walking!!

I’m such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband. What a fabulous evening!!!



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