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Scrambled Egg With Cheese….and an Extra Helping of Cheese!

I cheese but tonight was cheese overload. We’ve just finished watching the finale episode of 24! Talk about leave you hanging at the end.  If you hadn’t guessed already tonight’s 24 had a few cheesy moments in it but it was still great, love it!

For dinner, if you hadn’t guessed already I had scrambled eggs with some grated cheese on toast. I used 1 whole egg and 1 egg white.

food 007

(yes i’d eaten half of it when I remembered to take a photo!)

Someone has suggested to me to try putting an egg yolk in my hair so I’m going to try that tomorrow with the leftover yolk.  It’s supposed to leave me with beautiful flowing locks – watch this space.

This evening I managed to get in a 30minute session with Jillian Michaels using Exercise On Demand.  I went for session 3 which is the hardest one and I’m sure i’ll feel it tomorrow…. no pain, no gain!

Bedtime! Sweet dreamssleepy



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