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Underwear Fetish!

I woke up this morning as per usual to the cries of Tinker wanting to come in the bedroom… so I let her in, climbed back into bed and watched her.  She started to wander around the room I presume looking for this glass little ball she’s been playing with and then proceeded to climb onto our laundry basket and start pulling on the clothes out.  She jumped off the basket with a pair of Robs boxers in her mouth and ran under the bed!  I looked under the bed and what did I find….

… 2 other pairs of his boxer shorts hidden there!!! What on earth, we have the strangest cat in the world… despite being very cute indeed!

So that was the start to my day, very amusing. This was followed by a delicious bowl of oats.

Food 013

The ingredients used in this mornings bowl were:

– 1/3 cup of oats
– 1 cup of water
– 1/3 cup of soy milk
– half an apple chopped into small pieces
– half banana
– small handful of blueberries
– pinch of cinnamon
– flaxseeds

Toppings were:

– maple syrup
– PB

So good, again! I ate my breakfast early enough so that I could wait an hour, go for my usual 4 mile run along the river and be back in time to shower for my 11 o’clock dentist appointment.  I get so nervous with dentist appointments as I’m waiting for the day that I go in and they tell me I need.. a) teeth removed b) fillings….. or c) dentures!!! Hopefully that last one will be a few years off!  There was no need to worry as I was given the all clear and had a good clean whilst I was there – ouch!

For lunch I went to Just Salads with a friend, this was an impromptu lunch and so I didn’t have my camera with me but my salad was made up of:

– spinach & arugula
– grated carrot
– cranberries
– avocado
– corn
– tofu
– raspberry vinegarette

Such a good combination although could have done with more avocado in there!  I’ve just been checking out their website and it’s brilliant.  They have a nutrition calculator so you can figure out how many calories etc are in your particular salad.  This was mine:



I’ve just spent the rest of the afternoon at my friend Nat’s place with her and her newborn baby Honor, she is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me so broody!

I now have an hour to sort myself out and get ready for tonights shenanigans. It’s our old neighbour and very good friend Cat’s leaving do, so sad she is leaving, and we are bowling tonight!!

I probably won’t get online again this evening but I’ll give a full recap tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I shall leave you with this:

Our crazy cat doesn’t like to drink out of her water bowl no…. princess Tinker likes me to put some water in the bathroom sink!



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