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On The Go All Day

I have been on the go all day, it feels like this is the first time I’ve sat down for ages!

My day pretty much went as planned, I went to the gym this morning and did 40 minutes on the elliptical and really managed to work up a sweat then I did some body weights, few squats with bicep curls, press ups and sit ups. Once home, I showered changed and made a protein packed lunch.  Unfortunately our fridge was seriously lacking vegetables so this was a protein powered lunch, I knew after doing a food shop I would make up for the lack of vegetables this evening.

So, 2 eggs, quarter of a tin of tuna, grated cheese and 2 slices of toast:

food 007

..and of course a little ketchup on the side…

food 010

After lunch I grabbed my reusable shopping bags and headed off to Wholefoods.  The weather was gorgeous so I took my time strolling over there.  I only went to get food for the next few days… I find that Wholefoods can be expensive so I’m going to order from Fresh Direct this weekend.

Once home I unpacked and got straight on with cleaning the apartment and doing the ironing.  Rob surprised me by coming home early 🙂 and we got on with dinner…. well I got on with dinner! On the menu tonight was:

– baked salmon with lemon & garlic
– steamed asparagus & broccoli
– homemade potato fries

It’s such a simple and delicious dish.

food 014

Before I forget, while I was ironing I nibbled on half a banana with peanut butter…

food 012

(I can’t wait to finish this jar of PB so I can buy some more AB!! I always have to use up one thing before I get something new… must be something from my childhood!)

AND half an apple…

food 013

..leftover from the oat mix the other morning.

It’s the American Idol finale tonight!! I can’t decide who I prefer, last night they both had good and bad songs! I do think Kris will win but Adam definitely has something new to bring.

I’m now going to join my husband on the sofa and relax my weary legs but before I do, I just had a sneaky bite of Robs chocolate fudge brownie that I bought him from Wholefoods.. so good, moist in the middle! mmmmmmm

See you tomorrow.



2 Responses

  1. Hi Sally, nice blog! Keep up the good work! Your lunch and dinner look great!

  2. What a great blog! 🙂 I found it through kath eats…

    The baked salmon looks absolutely delicious. Don’t you just love tasty, simple meals like that? 🙂

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