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Spot The Difference

Robbie didn’t get home till almost 8pm this evening and I’d nibbled on some crisps and hummus while waiting for him. By the time he walked through the door I wasn’t feeling very hungry, think it might be the heat, but I ordered some food for both of us anyway. The old favorite came out to play again… tofu pad Thai! This seems to be becoming a habit! It tastes so good though and why not every so often! Tonight, however I just wasn’t that hungry. This was the before shot:

food 012

…and after shot:

food 015

I munched on all the beansprouts and carrots and picked out the tofu with a little of the noodles. I think the heat must be affecting my appetite. Do you ever notice that in summer you eat less than you do in Winter? I guess that’s because your body needs more insulation in the colder months…. whatever the reason it is what it is and your body knows best!

I have turned the air con on this evening in the hope that it reduces the current room temperature from 86 degrees to 75! It’s been on for half an hour and the temperature hasn’t moved! eeek! It’s only going to get hotter.

I’m off to enjoy what is left of my evening as I hope you do too xxx


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  1. I LOVE pad thai! Looks like a delicious dinner!

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