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Reminds Me Of Home

As soon as I stepped outside and started running along the east river it reminded me of home – the grey, misty sky!  I managed to do about 4 miles today but I had to really push myself to get there.  I hadn’t drunk much water in the morning so I knew the reason I felt sluggish was because I was thirsty.  Thankfully they have water fountains on this route so I could quench my thirst a little.

Once home I showered and made myself some lunch.

food 013

Two open faced sandwiches. One with –

food 009

  • lettuce
  • pickle
  • turkey
  • avocado

..and the other with –

food 012

  • smoked brie
  • turkey
  • dried cranberries

..which I melted under the grill and some leftover steamed broccoli on the side.

food 010

Princess Tinker is just having her afternoon nap on our bed

food 008

..after having such a busy morning watching me type and pulling all our washing off our dryer! gggrr!

food 007

I’m going to let this little monster angel sleep and head out the door.  I’m heading to fifth avenue to have a wander around before I meet Rob at 6pm.  We are off to a Mexican restaurant this evening called Sinigual, supposed to be AMAZING?!  I always like to check out the menu of a restaurant online before I go so I have some idea of what I might choose – always thinking about food! 😉



One Response

  1. Sounds like a great day…workout, mani/pedi…great lunch and great dinner…sounds awesome!

    Lunch looks delicious! Enjoy your dinner! We’re having Mexican tonight too!

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