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Eat And Run…

The plan was to catch the ferry across to Ikea at 1.40pm but Rob and I were both hungry when I got back from work so decided to eat and then run to catch the next one.

For lunch I made myself a sandwich using hummus, spinach and celery on a baguette.

food 014

I bought this baguette yesterday and so it was a little tough today but still nice all the same.  Love hummus sandwiches! While I was making this I nibbled on a few crisps… or chips as they are called over here.

My friend Lindsay recommended these particular crisps to me…

food 008

One word….. AMAZING!  They have a great crunch to them and love this flavour, nice and spicy!

food 009

And a little hummus..

food 010

Before I left work the doctor gave me some of the strawberries she had bought at the market this morning.  They smell amazing.. I wish they could figure out to do scratch and sniff on a PC! 😉

food 012

I was contemplating making jam but I don’t have enough jars so they will probably be dessert tonight after our bbq OR I saw a fellow blogger talking about roasting strawberries and adding them to a Quinoa salad! Interesting… we shall see.

Must dash… have  a ferry to catch!


p.s. the sun is still hiding behind the clouds today!!!


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