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Fuzzy Wuzzy

Yesterday afternoon I started to get a bit peckish around 4pm so made myself a strawberry smoothie.


This was simply; vanilla soy milk, frozen strawberries and a tsp of almond butter.  Sooooo good!

In the evening Rob and I headed across the road to a bar with a friend who was visiting to meet a friend who had just moved over here.  I ordered a glass of Pinot Gris and sipped on that while we chatted.  None of us had eaten so we decided to grab a bite there.  With glass No2 in hand we headed outside to our table to order some food.

I went for the sea bass on top of some summer succotash. It came with a creamy sauce which I asked for on the side.  I was pleasantly surprised… sometimes ordering food in a bar can be hit or miss but this was a hit.


I ended up having a 3rd glass of Pinot….. which is the reason why my head felt a little fuzzy this morning.  I did make sure I drank some water in between the wine and before I went to bed which definitely helps.

I reluctantly left Robbie all tucked up in bed this morning and headed to work.   The friend who was visiting was staying at ours and was sleeping in our front room/open plan kitchen.  I didn’t want to wake him this morning by making breakfast so I picked something up on my way in to work.


Blueberries, pineapple, strawberries and a piece of mango.


Toasted whole wheat bagel with butter.

I very rarely eat bagels because I think that nutritionally they don’t really offer anything, but this morning I was craving carbs.

I’m in the office all morning and heading straight uptown afterwards to catch the bus to Montauk.  Really looking forward to getting out of the city for a night to see my friend but I will miss Rob. 😦

I won’t be able to get online now till tomorrow evening so I’ll give you all a recap then.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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