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Incredible Hulk

Tinker managed to sneak into our bedroom last night.  I was too tired to chase her around the room to let her out so we let her sleep in with us.  I knew she would be waking us up early playing with something in the room.  Sure enough at 5am she was up.  I managed to get her out and went back to sleep for an hour or so.

I started the day with an Incredible Hulk smoothie.


  • handful of spinach
  • half frozen banana
  • 4 pineapple chunks
  • 3/4 cup soy milk

Followed by some cold oats, which I’d finally remembered to do.  I left them soaking in the fridge overnight in some soy milk.  I’ve read some people add Greek yogurt but I was all out.

This morning I just added some blueberries and half a banana.



After drinking the tasty smoothie this was kind of bland.  The oats didn’t really taste of anything, maybe the yogurt would have made a difference??

On my way into work I had to make sure I bought some chewing gum.  I’m going to be keeping any vampires at bay today after all the garlic I ate last night.  It was all I could taste this morning.  Both the guacamole and the burgers had quite a lot of garlic in, maybe too much! Whoops… sorry Nat & Al.  😉

See you all later for lunch.



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