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Change Of Plan

This afternoon I had a fabulous run along the East river.  In total I did 6 miles.  Which is the furthest I’ve run in a long time. 🙂

It’s been quite muggy all afternoon so it took me a while to cool down once I’d showered.  Before I left to meet Rob I had a quick snack.

food 001

Strawberries and almond butter on toast.  I actually wasn’t that hungry so only ate half of it.

I went to meet Rob and a few other people at a bar in the East Village.  It’s Margie’s birthday tomorrow so we were all out celebrating.  I drank 2 beers with a dash of Sprite in the top.  The Sprite takes away the bitterness of the beer and makes it slightly sweet.

The plan was to stay out for a couple of drinks and then head home to cook dinner, but our plans changed.  By the time we left it was just after 9pm and neither of us fancied cooking.  In the end we decided on Thai food.  We found a restaurant near our apartment called Cafe Sage.  Initially we thought about getting take-out but decided to eat in instead.  We were there so thought might as well.  I ordered my usual tofu pad thai and Robbie ordered chicken pad thai.


This was a really yummy pad thai and I gobbled down the lot.  Perfect portion size too.  I usually find they give far too much but this was a nice amount.

We have some TV to catch up on.  What would we do without DVR!

See you all tomorrow.



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