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Wiped Out

Wiped out is how I feel right now!

I decided to run from work, stopping along the way at the running track on the East River to do 5 laps.  In total I ran about 5.5miles and now I’m feeling exhausted!  I think I might have overdone it?  It’s strange, sometimes I can just feel as though I could run forever and sometimes it’s a real struggle.  This evening was a blend between the two – I felt fine while I was running but am now feeling shattered!

I was greeted by this as I walked through the door.

food 003

food 004

food 005

My wonderful husband preparing dinner.  While he finished cooking I had a shower.

Dinner was served..  salmon & stir fry vegetables: broccoli, mushroom, red pepper, spinach and onion.

food 006 food 007

It looked delicious, unfortunately I just wasn’t feeling hungry when it came time to eat!  My dinner is sitting in the oven… but I really can’t face it?!  I suspect my body needs time to settle before it realizes that it needs to refuel with food!

food 008

I know what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow if my body isn’t ready for it this evening.  Ahhhh….and after all the work my husband went to making it.  Sorry Robbie! kiss

I think I’ll make myself a smoothie instead.  Rob just suggested putting dinner in the blender! mmmmmmm salmon smoothie!!!  sick

Enjoy the rest of your evening.



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