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6 Months Pregnant…

.is how I feel right now!  I wonder why? I feel like I’ve swallowed a balloon!

I was doing my errands this afternoon and all of a sudden I started feeling light-headed.  I finished up what I needed to do and headed home.

I put it down to being hungry, so made myself a smoothie.  I was craving something cooling in this humidity.

food 011

  • large handful of spinach
  • half frozen banana
  • cup of vanilla soy milk
  • 5 frozen strawberries

One of my best yet….if I do say so myself!  It definitely makes a difference when you use a frozen banana.  You can really taste it.  My friends, Gemma and Trudy, mentioned they were going to try my smoothies, although they’re not convinced about the spinach.  Keep me posted ladies.  🙂

food 012

Once my smoothie had settled I did a short 20 minute power yoga session from Yoga Download.  Lately I’ve been preferring the Hatha sessions but I really enjoyed this one and appreciated the Savasana/Corpse pose at the end.

I was in charge of dinner this evening.  While I was out I picked up some Tempeh to try.  Rob had sausages but I’m not really a fan so cooked a simple dish for myself using the Tempeh.

I cut the Tempeh into 1/4 inch slices, put a little extra virgin olive oil in a pan and sauted them for a few minutes.  At the end I added some BBQ sauce.  While I was cooking the Tempeh I steamed some broccoli in a pan.

food 014

A very simple and quick dish.

food 016

I’m undecided about Tempeh.  It had an unusual texture which reminded me of corn. I think I’ll probably stick with tofu.  I feel if you have to smother something in sauce to enjoy it then what’s the point!

I’m now going to take my swollen tummy to the sofa to enjoy a cuddle with my husband.  OK, maybe not a cuddle… it’s far too hot.  The thermometer inside is currently reading 91°F!  Phew, I think we need the air conditioner on!  I caught Tinker sitting in the bath earlier trying to cool down.  No, there wasn’t any water in it. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your evening.



2 Responses

  1. Your smoothie looks fabulous!

    Gemma and Trudy, you have to try one!

    • It was delicious 🙂 can’t get enough of these smoothies at the moment although I have a feeling it’s what might have caused my swollen stomach?? I hope not.

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