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Perky Plants & Hunky Bread!

What is going on with the weather today.  One minute the sun is shining and the next the heavens open.  I’m surprised it hasn’t started snowing yet!  Kind of scary to think that this could be global warming!  You might think I’m being melodramatic but I’ve been watching Wimbledon and snippets from Glastonbury and they’re having glorious weather back in the UK….that’s not supposed to happen! 😉

I had a good day in the office, nothing particularly exciting happened; the doctor came in to see patients this morning and again this evening.  No drama, just the usual. The plant in the reception was looking a little wilted so I watered it.  Again, no drama, just the usual saving of a life – I don’t like to boast about these things, just doing what anyone else would have done in my position ;).   I love watching how it perks up once it’s been watered.  I’ve never noticed a plant to do it as much as this particular one and yes sadly, this was probably the highlight of my day.


food 001


food 002

Rob and I bought our first pot plant almost 3 years ago and I’m happy to announce that it is still alive and kicking growing!

Lunch today was a delicious bean salad:


  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • celery
  • carrot
  • avocado
  • kidney beans
  • pine nuts
  • sesame & ginger dressing

As well as a huge HUNK of raisin bread.


I think I might have overdosed on the bread.  I just couldn’t resist, it’s just so good.  I nibbled on some of it before I ate my lunch, hence the half chewed piece I’m holding, so this wasn’t all of it! Oy!

Robbie was leaving work early today to start the weekend and so I’ve put him in charge of cooking dinner this evening.  He also volunteered to do the food shopping this afternoon and I agreed – brave or stupid??  We shall see.  I think I have him pretty well trained.

I did just receive  a text to say “Funny story to tell.  Think paper shopping bags and lots of rain”.   hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

See you all later.



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