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A Day To Remember!

This afternoon I was at work but still managed to watch some of the Michael Jackson memorial.  It’s incredible to see everyone come together.  It brought a tear to my eye whenever I saw a photo of him and to think of his children now growing up without a father who they seemed to adore so much.

Today also marked the 4 year anniversary of the London bombings.  I was living in London at the time of the bombings and it was such an awful day.  I knew someone who got caught up in the bombings and sadly lost both her legs.  She is an amazing person and an inspiration to everyone.  She has accomplished so much in the last 4 years and is now expecting her first child against all odds.

I digress… this afternoon I grew peckish around 4pm so steped out and bought 2 apples.  I ate one this afternoon and saved the other for work on Thursday.

food 005

Robbie beat me home this evening so was in charge of cooking dinner.  He managed to scrape together a few bits in the fridge and make an omelet.  I always try and make sure we at least have eggs in the fridge.  They are such an easy go-to recipe!

food 006

This was scrumptious.

  • eggs
  • tiny bit of broccoli
  • red pepper
  • potato
  • mushroom

food 008

food 009

With a fabulous glass of Pinot Noir from Germany.

food 007

I did take a shot of my glass but it seems to have disappeared from my camera?! Curious??

I haven’t had quality time with my husband all weekend so I’m now going to join him on the sofa for a cuddle.

See you all tomorrow.



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