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Straight after work I headed off to meet Vanessa.  I was taking her to her first ever yoga class!  I grabbed a snack on my way to meet her.

It’s not too easy taking a shot while standing with my hands full so I waited till I got home to take this photo.  I bought a banana and nut Odwalla bar which was actually scrumptious.  I love the moistness of these bars. Yum!

Tinker wanted to get in on some of the action too which made me ‘smile’.

food 010

food 012

food 015

Yoga was good, although it turned out that the class we had chosen wasn’t exactly for  beginners, however Vanessa managed to keep up and I think she quite enjoyed it.  I definitely got a sweat on.

After class we were both feeling a little peckish so headed to Chelsea Market to see what we could find.

I settled on a salad and Vanessa had some soup & bread.  I wasn’t too hungry so only had:

  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • avocado
  • tofu

food 009

We took our lunch to the High Line which is a new park that opened up recently.  I heart New York!  Always new places to visit!

food 008

It’s pretty cool up there but not much shade so after half an hour of sun we were ready to head off.  I’m now going to head off to meet Robbie who is playing tennis.  I’m going to attempt to jog down there if my legs will work properly after my yoga session.

See you all later.



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