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Brunch On Stone

Robbie and I headed out around midday to grab some brunch.  We ended up on Stone Street in the Financial District.  This particular street is pedestrianised and has lots of restaurants with outside space so perfect for a beautiful day like today.

food 020

I ordered an egg white omelette with goats cheese and spinach.  It came with some potatoes, sausages and toast.

food 042

I gave the sausages to Robbie and ate everything else.

Rob had eggs benedict.

food 045

food 046

We got chatting to a couple next to us who told us about the World Trade Center Museum, they said it was definitely worth a visit.  So, after our brunch we took a wander down there.  We weren’t sure exactly where it was but thanks to Robs iPhone we managed to find it.

It was incredible and really sad to see all the photos and read all the comments. I never actually saw the Twin Towers in person but from what you read it was a colossal building.  Over 107 floors!  I read one comment that said when the wind blew the tops of the towers would sway out by 3 1/2 feet and it could be seen from everywhere.

Here are some of the remains found lying amongst the rubble.

food 023

food 024

food 027

Such a tragedy.

food 028

food 030

food 031

food 032

There was a huge wall covered in photos of all the people who tragically lost their lives that day.

food 038

It was amazing to read about what happened that day and how everyone came together to help each other.  How so many people spent a lot of time searching for missing loved ones and a lot of them never being found.  I just couldn’t begin to imagine what that would feel like.  My heart goes out to all those who lost someone in 9/11.   I would definitely recommend this museum to everyone.

This is how the site looks now.

food 039

..and this is what they are planning on for the future.


The humidity is definitely back today.  It is hot, hot, hot!  I’m going to try and cool down.

See you all later for dinner.



One Response

  1. Brunch looks delicious!

    Thanks for sharing about the museum. The personal effects, especially the shoes, the keys…really hits home. I visited the site in 2003 and it was incredibly touching.

    Have a great evening!

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