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Flea Markets & $3 Sangria

Yesterday afternoon was non-stop.  As soon as I finished work I headed uptown to meet Jordan and Tracy. From there we headed over to Fort Greene to the Brooklyn flea market.


I’m not sure if it was THE Brooklyn flea market but according to the sign it was.

Jordan had figured out which one to go too and mapped out how to get us there using Hopstop – her new favourite thing!



It was fabulous, so many different stalls to browse through.  Some had clothes, some had shoes, some had clothes and shoes.  Some had jewelery, some had hats, some had furniture and mirrors.  Unfortunately, my flea marketing skills need a little work on as I didn’t manage to find anything but the girls got some great bargains.


I borrowed one of Tracy’s purchases to hold up in this photo!

I did see a very cute bag but it was $100 and I wasn’t intending on spending that much at a flea market.  Might have to go back though!

By the time we’d finished wandering around we were starving so we headed off to a restaurant that Jordan had found nearby.  So organised!  Tracy’s friend Nancy joined us for a very late lunch.

There wasn’t much in the way of food at this restaurant because we’d got there just after 4pm and they were changing menus or something.  I ordered a burger and salad. If you are a vegetarian look away now!

food 004

This burger was practically moo-ing on my plate.  It tasted pretty darn good.

Some Prosecco to wash it down with.

food 005

Jordan enjoying her Prosecco.

food 006

The ladies.


We finished up here and walked to the subway to catch our train back into the city.  We passed this bizarre sign on the way.

food 010

Anyone any suggestions as to what this could mean??

We jumped off the subway in Soho and had a wander around the shops there.  After some more walking we came across a bar that was offering $3 sangria!!  How could we not go in!


The girls.

food 015

The Sangria, which tasted so delicious we had two!

We stayed out for a few more hours, catching up with some other friends.

Fabulous day girls :).



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