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Run Forest Run!

I’ve just heard of a fabulous new recycling scheme for old trainers or should I say sneakers?!  I’m embarrassed to show you guys this – my trainers are on their last leg…

food 003

food 004 food 005

food 006

I’ve only had them 6 months, they are well used! 😉 I’m not entirely sure how I wear away the inside seam of the trainer?!  Occasionally when I’m running I bash my ankle on my leg so maybe that’s it??  Run Forest run!


So now, rather than just throw them out I can take them to various places throughout Manhattan where they will either turn them into new trainers or into a new playground!  Amazing!!  You can find out at Nike where to take them.

Can you believe Robbie called my breakfast boring as I was making it this morning!  OK, so it maybe boring to him and to some of you but I can never get enough of oats for breakfast.  I repeated the same bowl as yesterday.

food 002

  • 1/3 cup Moja Mix oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • half banana
  • tsp Agave
  • almond butter

I heart my morning Oats!!

I’m thinking about trying a Pilates class today.  I used to do Pilates when I first moved across to NY but I’ve always been more into yoga.  When I was out on Monday a little girl came running over to me and thrust a piece of card in my hand advertising a new Pilates studio.  Usually I don’t like it when people shove hand things to me on the street but how could I refuse this little girl!!  Call it child exploitation, call it what you like, it did the job!!  If she was offering brazilian waxes for $5 then maybe I’d be worried but $10 classes for first time users, I’m there!

See ya.



One Response

  1. I have to agree- I don’t think oats can be boring – they look great to me.

    Have a good day, Sally!

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