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Playing Catch Up

I’m playing catch up today.  I shall give you a quick round-up of the weekend so far.

Friday was so busy I didn’t have any time to sit down and write anything.  After taking Tinker to a very unsuccessful vet visit I quickly came home, necked a smoothie, got changed and went to a fabulous Bikram yoga class… stopped by the shops, came home, showered, changed, nibbled on some chips with guacamole, Jordan came round, ate sushi, drank some wine, Tracy came round, drank a bit more wine, headed out to meet some friends, home to bed.

Saturday involved; getting up early for work, walking to work as it was such a gorgeous day and I had plenty of time, working all morning, home, ordering tofu pad thai, catching up on some zzzzzzz’s, showered, changed, catching bus to Pams house, meeting the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen called Bella, drinking a beer, eating some tortilla chips, watching Alias (LOVED IT), taxi home, straight to bed!!!

Unfortunately I had a very silly moment yesterday!  As I was walking to work I thought it would be nice to take some photos of my walk.  I love New York early in the morning on a Saturday when I have to go to work.  It’s so quiet and it’s especially nice when the sun is shining and there is a beautiful blue sky.  Anyway,  I don’t have a very big memory card in my camera and half way through the walk it was full… so silly me, rather than just delete a few, I managed to delete all of them!  So no photos of the sushi or smoothies!!  DOH!  Thankfully I was only half way through my walk so got a few more piccies after.. which I didn’t delete!

food 002

food 005

food 004

Keeping the streets of Soho clean!

food 009

Street Market in Greenwich village.

food 010

Couldn’t resist taking a photo of this sign!  Wine & cheese.. I’m there!

This walk was 2.2 miles!! 🙂

I realised today (today being Sunday) that I haven’t been for a run in over a week.  This is the first time in YEARS that I haven’t run for this length of time.  I’ve been doing a lot more yoga, walking and weights… I’ve been running for the last 6-7 years pretty much every week and I don’t feel like I really miss it. Wow, I never thought I would say that.  I was thinking about going for a run today… we shall see.

I was up early this morning as I was expecting a delivery from Fresh Direct.  They were scheduled to come between 8-10 and they arrived at 9am.  4  big boxes full of food, ready for Robs return this evening.  I’m so excited to have him home.  He’s been gone for 9 days!!  This is the longest we’ve been apart since we moved across here.

After I unpacked the food I set to work tidying the apartment… dusting, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing… this in itself is such a good work out.  It took me just over an hour to do the whole place.  One good thing about living in a small New York apartment, they don’t take too long to clean.

I wasn’t feeling very hungry when I woke up and still wasn’t feeling too hungry after I’d finished cleaning but thought I’d better eat something.  Maybe not running has decreased my appetite!  I went for a green smoothie.

  • handful spinach
  • soy milk
  • ice cubes (we have no frozen fruit)
  • half banana
  • handful blueberries

food 014

food 015

I much prefer them with frozen fruit but it still tasted pretty good.

I can’t believe it’s noon already!

I’m off to do some ironing! See you all later.



4 Responses

  1. Dear EatingwithSally

    On nomorific! I like food. I eat a lot of it. Sometimes I even drink it!

    Mr Pumpernickel
    Attorney of law, Keen Potter, avid listener of Radio 3.

  2. Dear Mr P. Nickel… can I call you P.Nickel? Think it sounds good, no?

    Om, nom, nom, nom


  3. Dear EatingwithSally

    P.Nickel is actually my rapper name. I am a west coast rapper currently living on the east coast, which means the brothers give me a lot of dissing. But my verbal skills are to be reckoned with, I can tell you. Once I was spitting rhymes at this old people’s home for 20 mins. They were so impressed they skipped bridge and aksed for an encore. I then went on to rap about the cottage pie, which I thought was rather tasty and not over-seasoned at all! Here’s an example:

    My hommies have seen some things, like people die
    My hommies seen some people shot in the eye
    People be killin’ so they can look fly
    But there’s nothing more fly than my cottage pie.


    Attorney of Law, West coast rapper, head janitor at the Elderflower Retirement Village.

  4. awesome rapping P.Nickel!

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