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Home Sweet Home!

What a weekend!  Robbie and I had a fabulous time away.  It was our wedding anniversary on Monday.. we celebrated 1 year and Rob wanted to take me away. 🙂

He took me to Cape Cod for the weekend!  To a little place called Chatham.

We wanted to set off early Saturday morning so we could miss all the traffic.  I woke up at 6.30am because I was so excited to get away.  I woke Robbie up, made us both green monster smoothies..

food 007

..and off we went.  A friend of ours lent us his BMW!! Thanks Brian 🙂  Originally we were going to get the train to Connecticut and hire a car from there but then Brian said he was more than happy to lend us his car! Bonus!

The drive took us about 6 hours… we got a wee bit lost just after getting onto Cape Cod (just after taking this photo).

food 008

There was a mad dash to get my camera out and this was the best shot!

The rest of our Saturday went a little like this… arrive at our cute hotel, head for a wander around the village, buy some champagne, buy some beers, back to the hotel, quick change, head to the pool.

food 040

Stick my foot in, decide it’s too cold, really want to go for a swim, go to the sunny side of the pool, dangle my legs in, finally pluck up the courage to dive in, so refreshing, so good, swim 20 lengths, head back to our room, relax for a while, drink a beer or 2 on our balcony..


get changed, get dressed, head into town for dinner at..

food 043

Eat dinner, drink wine, early to bed!

On Sunday we had a nice lie-in and then headed off to hire some bikes, 2 hours and 14 miles later we stop somewhere for lunch..

food 011

food 010

Spinach and goats cheese salad with grilled chicken and a little bread.  Delicious!  Refueled, back on the bikes, 1 hour and another faster 14 miles later we arrived back at the bike rental place.

food 013 food 014

From there we went for a dip in the lake to cool down.

food 016

So pretty!

The rest of the day involved snoozing, beer, walking and food at The Squire in the middle of Chatham.  We both went for burgers.

food 027

I left the fries.

Drank some Pinot Noir….

food 021 food 022

which was forgettable!  After a few sips we decided to see if we could change it.  The kind manager gave us a different wine to try which was much nicer… not amazing but at least you could taste some of the different flavours.

Monday was our anniversary.  We woke up fairly early, exchanged cards, went to breakfast, ate omelets with cheese, jumped in the car and headed north to have a look at a beach, walked along the beach…

food 030

..saw some seals, walked back, climbed a sand dune to get back to the car….

food 029

…sweat a little, drove back to the hotel, took another dip in the lake..

food 041

..went for lunch at the Wild Goose Tavern.

food 045 food 046

Rob and I shared half each.  On the left is a Lobster Quesadilla and on the right is a tuna salad sandwich.

After lunch we drank some champagne in our jacuzzi tub:

food 038

then headed out for dinner, watched the sunset:

food 058 food 057

food 061

..ate some sushi, walked home, bed!  The perfect anniversary!

Tuesday we woke up, went for breakfast, packed everything up and got in the car to drive home.  The journey was a lot quicker on the way back, probably because we didn’t get so lost this time!  It was nice to get home and see Tinker but sad to end a wonderful weekend.

food 066

Peek a boo!


One Response

  1. Hey Sally!

    I’m behind on my blog-reading! Happy Belated Anniversary….looks like a fabulous time away!

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