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A Feast Was Had!

Last night we feasted!!

After yoga I rushed home to get showered and changed and headed out to meet Rob who was in the West Village with some friends, Helena and John.  We were going out for dinner to one of our favourite restaurants, Chow Bar.  The West Village used to be our old neighbourhood.


It was so nice walking in and being recognised!  Love Chow!


While we were deciding what to eat I sipped on this…


A delicious bucket glass of Reisling.  I think it was from New Zealand but I can’t quite remember.

In the rush out of the house I forgot to grab my camera, so these photos were taken with Robs iPhone.  The light wasn’t too great in the restaurant so they didn’t come out that well.

For appetisers we ordered 3 to share amongst the table; crispy vegetable spring rolls, barbecued spare ribs and one of the specials with shrimp and noodles.  The portions were HUGE!  The shrimp and noodles were a meal in itself!  We managed to clear the plates though no problem. I had one of the spring rolls and 1/3 of the shrimp and noodles.

For main I ordered:

Sesame Seared Tuna with fresh herb salad, brown rice pancake and ume plum vinaigrette


and Rob ordered:

Szechuan Black Angus Steak with soy chili sauce and hot mustard matchstick fries.  I was sure I took a photo but Rob couldn’t find it on his phone.

I don’t know where my appetite came from last night but I managed to eat most of mine and 2 bites of Robs steak as well as some of his fries.  I had another glass of the Reisling with my meal.. maybe that was the reason!! 😉

None of us had enough room for dessert but they brought us over a complimentary dish anyway and how could we not try some?! Chocolate fondue with fruit and wafers.  I nibbled on a strawberry, a tiny piece of banana and 2 of the wafers ALL dipped in the chocolate.  Om, nom, nom, nom.

After dinner we rolled ourselves out of Chow and to a bar around the corner called the White Horse Tavern.


I sipped on a Hoegaarden, which is a Belgium white ale. Fab night, thanks guys! 🙂

We got to bed around 1am… I definitely indulged last night with both food and booze!  My head is feeling a little fuzzy this morning.


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