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Stuffed Full of Mexican

I was so tired by the time we got home last night I decided to leave my post until this morning.  Last night we went to Mexican Radio for dinner with Andy and Trudy.  It was so dark in the restaurant my photos didn’t come out too well… and yes you would immediately think use the flash but the flash is too bright so the photos come out even worse.

Anyhoo, we started off the meal with a round of drinks.  I had a Margarita on the rocks:

food 004

Trudy had a raspberry frozen Margarita and Andy and Rob had plain ol lagers.

While we sipped on these we nibbled on these:

food 002

Chips and guacamole.  I had the bottom left hand corner chips 🙂

For mains I ordered soft shell tacos with shredded chicken and 3 different sauces on top, which I couldn’t pronounce but that tasted delish!

food 008

As always in a Mexican restaurant there were a selection of hot sauces to choose from… one called ‘kiss your ass goodbye’, I wasn’t too keen on trying that one but gave the ‘Termigator’ a go.

food 001

It tasted mild and sweet.  I ate 1 and 1/4 of my tacos and just the black beans on this plate:

food 009

This was just a small side plate!!  I also sipped on another regular margarita on the rocks.

We decided to skip the dessert menu and head to a little place I knew not too far from the restaurant for some ice cream!!!!

The ice cream menu:

food 014

Just SOME of the cones:

food 013

Trudy and I were so stuffed after our meals that we thought better of going for the cones and opted for 1 scope in a cup instead.  I had the chocolate mint cookie dough.

food 015

That is just 1 scoop!!!

food 017

The boys on the other hand went all out and got the cones!

food 012

With their eyes being bigger than their bellies, neither of them could finish the whole thing!

After this we went our separate ways.  Rob and I took ourselves and our full bellies home to bed.

Thank you guys for a fabulous evening!!



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