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Short and Sweet

I feel a bit out of sorts today.  Think it might be to do with the sleepless night??  I did a yummy Bikram yoga class this afternoon which helped a bit but I just don’t feel quite right?!

Anyhoo, after my yoga class I came home, did some ironing and had a cup of tea.

food 010

My first cup of PG Tips in months!  I find it too hot to drink tea during the summer despite being told that it is actually supposed to help cool you down.

Into the tea goes the chocolate digestive – very English! YUM!

food 012

For dinner this evening I used up some of the leftovers in the fridge and threw together a quick and easy bean burger.

  • 1/3 tin black beans
  • 1.5 tbsp flour
  • tbsp salsa
  • S&P

Mashed altogether, cooked on the skillet and served in between 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with cheese, lettuce, tomato and humus.

food 013

food 015

Sorry for the short post. I’m really not feeling too great!!  I’m sure it will pass after a good nights sleep.

See you tomorrow.



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