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Bon Voyage Ash & Amanda!

Sadly our friends have just left to catch their flight home.  We had such an amazing weekend with them!  So much fun.

Friday involved a lot of window shopping uptown, Bloomingdales, FAO Schwartz, Nike, home to shower and change, then onto Freemans in the Lower East Side for dinner.

food 003

Some stuffed animals hanging on the wall..

food 015

food 006

We ordered some starters to share; the BEST artichoke dip I have ever had..

food 010

Excuse the half eaten shot, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

….and mussels in a garlic and white wine sauce.

food 009

For main I ordered the Sea bass with vegetables. (I can’t remember what veggies)

food 011

I don’t like eating the skin so I had to take that off but other than that it was deeeeelish!

I couldn’t resist having a bite or 2 of Robbies Filet Mignon!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!  The girls shared a bottle of Sancerre and the boys stuck to beer.  After dinner we headed to a bar called ‘The Back Room’ which was fabulous.  A friend of ours had recommended it to us.  It was very hard to find… we found the street and new the number but couldn’t find it, then a guy who was stood in front of a small gate asked us if we were looking for the ‘Back Room’ and he let us through.  You wander through a little alley, up some steps and into this amazing bar where we were served cocktails in tea cups!

food 025 food 027

Rob and Amanda having a cup of tea cocktail!

food 031


On Saturday, unfortunately I was up early for work.  I didn’t want to disturb anyone by making breakfast so I bought some bits from Wholefoods.

Strawberries, grapes and pineapple with granola and yogurt.

food 042

Mango Zico.

food 045


food 043

Which I was too full to eat.  I nibbled on 1 piece!

After work I went to meet everyone in Soho where we went for a bite to eat and a wander. I had a tuna salad with spinach, carrots, beets and tomatoes and a balsamic dressing on the side.

We had dinner plans in the evening but everyone was so shattered that we ended up getting a take away and having a relaxing night in.  I ordered a tofu pad thai and ate half of it.  We watched ‘I Love You, Man’!  Funny film!

Sunday, after a good nights sleep, we were up early to make a full day of it.  We were going to take Ash and Amanda to the West Village and Meatpacking District.  We started off with brunch at Morandi.

food 050

Poached eggs with grilled tomatoes.  I left the tomato and swapped my burnt toast for some of this:

food 049

Delicious fresh bread! Yum!

Robbie ordered sunny side up eggs with bacon….

food 054

Looks pretty tasty, no? 🙂

food 046

Ash and Amanda.  They are good friends of Robs from University days, so they’ve known each other over 10 years.

After brunch we wandered through the West Village.  We took them to Magnolia’s bakery to sample some cup cakes.  Rob and I didn’t have one this time… we did nibble on some free samples in Pure Dark!  They make the most scrumptious dark chocolate… mouth-wateringly good!

We wandered around a bit more then stopped for some lunch at The Grey Dog’s Coffee shop.


I had a yummy hummus wrap.

food 055


I managed all of the wrap, a few of the crisps and half of the pickle.

Robbie ordered a chicken melt – check out all the cheese!

food 058

Next stop was Union Square and a wander around the shops there.  Then the sky grew dark and we thought it was going to rain so found a bar…. which is where we ended up staying for the rest of the evening.

The boys ordered some apple martinis.

food 061

food 062

..and Amanda and I drank Margaritas….. a few too many!!!!!!  This bar served Tapas so we ordered some plates too share; a selection of cheese and meats, paella and toast with ham and brie!  Delicious.

Today was there last day and they had a few more things they wanted to shop for so after brunch this morning they went on their way and Rob and I came home to relax.  It’s been a fabulous but busy weekend which has involved a lot of eating out and drinking.  I’m looking forward to having a relaxing couple of days before our third lot of visitors arrive on Wednesday. My sister is coming to visit us with her boyfriend.  I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so can’t wait!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labour Day weekend! I’m off to relax and enjoy the last few hours of the holiday with the husband.

See you later for dinner!



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