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Flying By

This morning has flown by!

I decided to save some money this week by bringing lunch into work with me.  I used the salad box I’d saved from a couple of weeks ago.  These are great to keep and re-use.  It made me feel as though I’d treated myself to lunch rather than brought it in from home.

For my salad I used the usual:

  • spinach
  • raisins
  • grated carrot
  • cherry tomatoes
  • feta cheese
  • hummus
  • raisin roll
  • drizzle of sesame & ginger dressing

I’m still not bored of the raisin rolls!!!

food 007

food 008

You are right in thinking that that is our counter at home!  (if indeed you were thinking that! 😉 ) I took these photos before I left the house this morning so I could have them ready for my post.

I also nibbled on the rest of my watermelon leftover from Saturday.

Robbie and I are planning on going for a quick run when we get in from work this evening.  We have burgers on the menu for tonight! YUM!



One Response

  1. Great idea- isn’t it crazy, but there’s something about a take-out box that can totally make food more appealing!!

    Have a great run and great night!

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