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What are your winter foods?

Today was just a typical Thursday at work.  With the cooler weather I was craving something warm for lunch.  I opted for an old favourite….

food 008

food 007

Baked tofu with steamed vegetables and brown rice… also known as ‘The Victory Plate’!  I know to some this probably looks really boring but I LOVE it!  I can’t wait to get back into eating more brown rice as the days get even colder.  I don’t eat enough of it during the summer.  I’m also looking forward to eating more of my bean chili!! YUM!

What winter foods are you looking forward to eating more of?

This evening I cooked my go-to meal for one! Bean burgers!

food 009

food 010

food 011

I put the bean burger under the broiler for a few minutes with some brie and spinach on top!!  Melty gooey mess all squished inside a whole wheat muffin with some BBQ sauce!

I may or may not have had a bite of a Mars Bar for dessert! 😉

It’s nearly the weekend!!  That deserves a WOO HOO!


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