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Depression link to processed food!

Morning… Can you believe it’s November already!?  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  Rob and I had fun getting dressed up.  We met up with some friends and went to a party for charity.

Robbie was an amazing Charlie Chaplin…


and I was a circus ring master!

food 041

food 062 food 061

food 063 food 052

This morning I wanted to share an interesting article with you.  One of the main recommendations I give to clients when they make the decision to start eating healthier is to completely cut out any processed, chemicalized, artificial junk food… and here are more reasons why it’s a good idea to remove these from your diet.

Depression link to processed food!

I started the day today with a delicious bowl of oats.  I’ve managed to catch a bit of a cold so wanted to dose up on vitamin C so I added a huge handful of blueberries to my bowl as well as the usual half banana, flaxseeds, Agave and almond butter.  I recently tried adding a bit of yogurt to my oats at the end and it was DELICIOUS!! I thought it would have tasted gross but was pleasantly surprised!

Enjoy the rest of your day.



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