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Trying Out New Recipes…

This week we have been trying new recipes.  We did a huge shop in Wholefoods on Sunday, cost us a small fortune so thank goodness we don’t shop there together every week!  It’s when we go shopping together we seem to spend a fortune.  Wholefoods has such amazing food we just get carried away.

For dinner on Monday night I made some pan seared scallops with a cayenne pepper crust.  I literally seared them for a couple of minutes on each side until they turned a light brown colour.  Before I put them in the pan I put them in some milk, dusted them with some flour and sprinkled some cayenne pepper.  To go with the scallops I made some crunchy kale and mashed potato.  Delicious!!

On Tuesday night it was Robbie’s turn to make dinner using the Tilapia fish we’d picked up on sale in Wholefoods.  He baked the fish in the oven with some garlic, lemon, olive oil, onions, red pepper and herbs and served it with some quinoa and spinach salad!  Another fabulous meal.


My camera battery died just as we were taking the photo so this was taken with Robbie’s iPhone.

Last night I made a tomato, sausage and spaghetti dish.  I don’t like sausage so this was made just for Rob and I had a black bean burger! Yum!!

food 013

Tinker also wanted to get in on the action!

food 013

It’s nearly the weekend!! 🙂



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