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Vacation Excitement…

I started typing ‘Holiday Excitement’ as the title to this post but then realised the kind of holiday I am referring to means something different over here!  Rob and I are leaving for Mexico this weekend which is our UK ‘holiday’ but US ‘vacation’!  🙂 In 2 days time we’ll be relaxing here:

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving last week.  We’ve been in New York now for 3.5 years so this was our 4th thanksgiving and it’s my favourite holiday.  We don’t actually celebrate thanksgiving in the UK so we’ve adopted this holiday since moving across here and I love it.

I’m thankful for spending time with fabulous friends..

There are 2 things in this photo that concern me:  the guy on the far left aka Roddy holding the sharp and pointy knife and the guy next to him, aka Tom, holding something a little less sharp and pointy!  As you may also tell from this photo a few glasses of wine was had by all…..

Including myself!

I’m also thankful for cooking and eating lots of amazing foods.

(I forgot to buy some twine which is why the turkey is unfortunately a little exposed!)

We managed to squeeze 9 people in!

Pecan Pie(s) and Apple Crumble - my fav!


Fabulous chocolate cake!

..and I’m thankful that Iain doesn’t have a recording contract! 😀

So much fun was had by all…

The perfect thanksgiving holiday…. now onto hopefully the perfect vacation!!

I know it’s a week since thanksgiving… but a week is better late than never! 😉



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