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Trying Out New Recipes…

This week we have been trying new recipes.  We did a huge shop in Wholefoods on Sunday, cost us a small fortune so thank goodness we don’t shop there together every week!  It’s when we go shopping together we seem to spend a fortune.  Wholefoods has such amazing food we just get carried away.

For dinner on Monday night I made some pan seared scallops with a cayenne pepper crust.  I literally seared them for a couple of minutes on each side until they turned a light brown colour.  Before I put them in the pan I put them in some milk, dusted them with some flour and sprinkled some cayenne pepper.  To go with the scallops I made some crunchy kale and mashed potato.  Delicious!!

On Tuesday night it was Robbie’s turn to make dinner using the Tilapia fish we’d picked up on sale in Wholefoods.  He baked the fish in the oven with some garlic, lemon, olive oil, onions, red pepper and herbs and served it with some quinoa and spinach salad!  Another fabulous meal.


My camera battery died just as we were taking the photo so this was taken with Robbie’s iPhone.

Last night I made a tomato, sausage and spaghetti dish.  I don’t like sausage so this was made just for Rob and I had a black bean burger! Yum!!

food 013

Tinker also wanted to get in on the action!

food 013

It’s nearly the weekend!! 🙂



Tinker The Stinker

I caught this on video last night.  I’m not too sure what she could smell on my jeans in the video and I can’t tell if that is a look of disgust or pleasure?!?!  They were clean I promise….


A Smoothie Good Enough For Popeye!

I made myself a fabulous green smoothie for dinner using the following ingredients:

  • large amount of spinach

food 006

  • cup soy milk
  • 4 frozen strawberries
  • 4 raspberries
  • tbsp Oikos yogurt

It wasn’t the prettiest of colours but it tasted delicious!

food 007

food 009

I was a bit peckish an hour later so had a juicy peach.


I feel like I haven’t eaten a peach in years.  I remember once biting into one and finding a maggot enjoying a bite too, so since then I’ve always been a bit put off.  I made sure to cut this into small pieces before eating it just in case. 🙂

We are in the middle of watching ‘Lost Boys’ – can’t believe this film was made 23 years ago!  Makes me feel old.

Tinker is relaxing on the sofa with us too.

food 012

food 013

See you all tomorrow.


Big Bang

I was woken in the middle of the night by a huge big bang of thunder, then the rain came down and I don’t think it has stopped since.  Where is all this rain coming from?

I’ve had a busy morning already and it’s only 9.02!  I’ve already swept and washed the floors, changed the bin, washed dishes… next on the list is ironing and washing clothes.  A woman’s work is never done. 😉

To fuel me through this busy morning I started the day with a big bowl of oats… same as yesterday!

food 027

With a cup of tea in my IIN mug.

food 031

Tinker was in a playful mood this morning… in fact she is like this every morning!

food 037

food 036

food 035

She is attacking playing with my camera strap!

Must dash.. washing to do!  I’m heading to a spin class at midday today.  It’s been a while since I took a class so I might be a bit rusty!

Happy wet Tuesday!


Tinker Tales

My friend Cat caught these action shots of Tinker a while ago that I wanted to share with everyone.  I know some of you (namely my twin brother Pete) are more interested in reading about Tinker tales than what I’m eating! 😉

As Tinker still has her claws we have to buy her a scratching post… which she uses occasionally after she’s finished climbing the furniture.





..and doing what she loves best..

food 001

food 005

…look at those claws!

food 004

food 006

Our poor sofas! 😦

Despite all this though we still love her… or at least I do, Rob maybe not so much!


Lazy Sunny Sunday

Last night was a great success.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I spent the afternoon organising the apartment and making some food.

On the menu was –

  • 5 different cheeses
  • crackers
  • tortilla chips
  • homemade guacamole
  • hummus
  • salami
  • salsa
  • celery
  • carrot
  • sugar snap peas

There was nothing left by the end of the night which is always a good sign.  I remembered to take some photos of the food but didn’t capture the dips!  Thankfully though my friend Vanessa did – thanks V.

food 006

Brie, Camembert, Irish Cheddar, Gorgonzola! mmmmmmmmmm

food 002

food 005


After cleaning the apartment Rob and I climbed into bed around 3am!  I hate going to bed leaving the apartment in a mess, although this morning I was up fairly early doing more cleaning.  Good job we don’t have parties like that every weekend but I had such a great time and we are both so thankful to have made such wonderful, special friends over here.

Tinker was outside enjoying the party too.


..and getting up to mischief as always –


She is chewing our chair! Little monkey!

Rob and I headed out for some brunch around midday today as our fridge is now completely bare.  We went to a bar across the road, which unfortunately wasn’t the best choice for brunch but Rob was set on having a bloody mary from there.  I stuck to juice!


I just ate the 2 poached eggs, toast and of course had to nibble on a few fries.

I’m starting to feel sleepy, the 3am bedtime is catching up with me so I’m going to join my husband on the sofa to watch a movie and probably fall asleep.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


Yay For Friday!

I slept brilliantly again last night, I love our new apartment it is so quiet. I thought living in the West Village was pretty quiet most of the time but this is amazing. The only noise we had last night was of the fan keeping us cool. If you aren’t getting to sleep because of noisy neighbours try drowning their noise out with white noise – it does the trick!

I made breakfast in bed for Rob and I as we had time this morning. It was a simple breakfast made up of muesli, granola, banana and greek yogurt!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo but I did capture this on video this morning:

Tinker used to sit on the sink in the morning and watch Rob shave and put his contacts in. Once the contacts were in she would proceed to lick out the contents of the contact tray! I guess the salty solution was appealing to her and now every morning she does the same thing. She even runs to the bathroom when she can hear Rob opening up the contact lenses! Love her! She’s hilarious!

I’m working all morning but will be home again for lunch and a run this afternoon. I’m also expecting a delivery some time today! 🙂